Cascina Coppa

Young winemaking Tradition



(+39) 339 175 6206


Cascina Coppa 34
15037 Lu e Cuccaro Monferrato (AL)



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The Company

Our small family farm is situated in the heart of
Piedmont, and produces traditional artisanal wines,
from varieties of grapes well known in the
Monferrato region.
The vinyards are looked after with great care and
attention, ensuring that every variety of grape is in
its ideal terrain.
Tradition has taught us to respect the classic vines of
Monferrato and that the connection with the land is
The quality of our wines is based upon the wellbeing
of our vineyards.. Attention to every single
aspect of the cultivation and the limited use of
sulphates and eco-friendly treatments for the plants
respect the integrity of the grapes.

The winery

Our wine cellar, which is fully equipped with all
necessary modern technology, remains faithful to
the traditions of wine production in the region,
offering some of the greatest wines of Monferrato.
Our production techniques exalt the individual
characteristics of each grape variety, whilst our use
of state of the art technology for preparing and
bottling the product allows us to offer you a wide
range of vintages that are deeply entwined with the
history and culture of the landscape.
From two years we have been SQNPI certified and in conversion to organic farming.

Our Wines

We produce Barbera of Monferrato and also the
same version, aged for 12 months in oak barrels.We
also offer a ruby red Dolcetto, both blended with
other grape varieties, and pure. During the grape
harvest of 2019, Cabernet Sauvignon emerged as a
precious and limited vintage, along with a fruity and
vivacious Grignolino.Moreover, we also produce a
wonderful Cortese, for the lovers of white wine, and
also a rosè Barbera.

Discover the gems of our wine production!

Keep in touch with us

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    Cascina Coppa

    Young winemaking Tradition

    (+39) 339 175 6206

    Cascina Coppa 34
    15037 Lu e Cuccaro Monferrato (AL)


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