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Cascina Coppa Vini | Terms and conditions

Cascina Coppa

Young winemaking Tradition



(+39) 339 175 6206


Cascina Coppa 34
15037 Lu e Cuccaro Monferrato (AL)



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Terms and conditions

General Conditions of Sale

Terms of use – Cascina Coppa Vini

1. Premises and Acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale

These general conditions of contract (hereinafter also “General Conditions”) govern the offer by:

Azienda Vitivinicola Cascina Coppa di Borghino Andrea (hereinafter: Cascina Coppa Vini)
Registered office in Cascina Coppa 34, 15037 Lu e Cuccaro Monferrato (AL)
Tax code: BRGNDR77A25A182S and VAT no.: 01956350068

of products on (from now on also “ Site “).
The General Conditions must be accepted by the User when registering on the Site, in order to be able to take advantage of the offers formulated therein and to proceed with the purchase of products.
Cascina Coppa Vini reserves the right to modify the General Conditions at any time in whole or in part, notifying Users via the Site with at least 30 days notice, if the methods of use of the products have changed and services offered. Users are therefore required to periodically consult this page, in order to always be informed about the conditions applied. It is understood that the use of the Site following these changes implies the tacit acceptance of the same.


2. Site Ownership – Type of Offers

The site is owned by Azienda Vitivinicola Cascina Coppa di Borghino Andrea
Registered office in Cascina Coppa 34, 15037 Lu e Cuccaro Monferrato (AL), Tax Code: BRGNDR77A25A182S and VAT no: 01956350068
e-mail ,

The products can be sold either through a permanent catalog or through “flash-deal” formulas or promotions that provide for product availability subject to quantitative and / or time limits. The range of products relates to the categories food, spirits and accessories (wines, sparkling wines, rum, grappas, other spirits, coffee, packaged products such as sauces, honey, canned meats and other food products and accessories for the preparation, consumption or storage of food) .
Following a purchase transaction, Cascina Coppa Vini , will issue the User with an order confirmation and indication, and will ship the goods.


3. Registration to the Site

The Site is aimed exclusively at Users who have reached the age of 18. The navigation and use of the services offered within the Site are made accessible after the registration procedure.
Registration is free. Users who register on the Site must provide some personal data and follow all the steps from the procedure (from now on also “ Complete Registration “). At the time of complete registration, the User will be asked to choose a Username and Password, which the User undertakes not to transfer even temporarily to third parties and to keep with due care, diligence, and secrecy under his own responsibility, constituting such credentials. the only means to identify the User and to validate his access to the offers. The User is therefore informed that all the acts performed through the use of these credentials will be attributed to him and will have binding effect towards him.
The User is obliged to immediately inform Cascina Coppa Vini  of any unauthorized or improper use of your login credentials or to report any violations by third parties. If Cascina Coppa Vini finds any violations, it may at its discretion inhibit access, permanently delete the information contained therein or refuse the opening of new Accounts by the same User.
At any time, the User can update and / or modify or request the cancellation of the information released during registration. In the event of a cancellation request, however, Cascina Coppa Vini may temporarily keep, in whole or in part, this information, for the sole purpose of executing any purchases made and / or being able to conclude the accounting procedures and tax.
Complete Registration is required to proceed with the purchase of products and to access summary information relating to the activities performed by the User on the site (also “ Account “).

Partial Registration on the Site is also permitted (hereinafter also “ Partial Registration “), by entering only the user’s email address. Partial Registration only allows the user to receive the newsletter, and not to proceed with the purchase of products and / or services, or in any case to carry out other operations on the Site.


4. Conditions of the Offer

The subject of Cascina Coppa Vini offers is the purchase of goods at the prices indicated on the Website at
Cascina Coppa Vini reserves the right not to process orders from subjects other than the “consumer” in accordance with its commercial policy. In any case Cascina Coppa Vini does not sell alcohol to individuals who have not turned 18 . By sending the orders, the consumer guarantees that the ordering party and, if different, the recipient of the goods are both over the age of 18.
Prices are expressed in Euros and are inclusive of VAT . The shipping costs of the goods can be of a fixed or variable amount, calculated based on the weight, the number of items selected and / or the destination address of the goods.  The User is always informed of the amount of shipping costs before completing the purchase procedure and making the payment .
The images accompanying the information sheets of a product or an offer may not be perfectly representative of its characteristics but differ in color, size and accessory products shown in the figure. All purchase support information is intended as simple generic information material, therefore not referable to the real characteristics of a single offer.
The validity of the offers may be subject to quantitative or temporal limitations, after which they may no longer be available. The validity date and / or the available quantity of the offers are shown on the Site in such a way as to allow the User to become aware of them. Cascina Coppa Vini may change the duration or quantity of an offer at any time and at its discretion, it being understood that it will follow up on orders placed during the validity of a specific offer. An offer may be published several times over time. In some cases it is possible that the availability of a good ends at a time after the purchase: in these cases Cascina Coppa Vini , if the conditions are met, will refund the User. It is also possible that for some offers of goods a specific variant is not guaranteed and the User will be required to specify one or more preferences at the time of purchase: in such circumstances, the User is aware that he may receive a different product variant than to the one chosen during the purchase phase.
In the case of promotional sales or through flash-deal formulas as specified above, the full price indicated in the offer (“Strikethrough price”) and against which the discount that Cascina Coppa Vini applies may correspond to. to:

(i) at the public list price

The methods of calculating the Strikethrough Price vary from product to product.


5. Purchase Procedure and Payment Method

Having taken note of the conditions of the offer, the User can complete the purchase by following the procedure on the Site.
Before finalizing the purchase, a summary will be displayed which will indicate the unit cost of the selected item and the total, in case of purchase of multiple quantities of the same item or of different items. The cost of any shipping, delivery or postal charges can be fixed or variable, calculated based on the weight of the goods, the number of items selected and / or the destination address indicated by the User during the purchase process.  In any case, the User is always informed of the amount of the shipping costs before concluding the purchase procedure and making the payment.
Once the purchase has been completed, the User must proceed with the payment, which will be made to Cascina Coppa Vini

Following the successful completion of the payment, the User will receive a confirmation email containing information relating to the offer purchased. The email will also contain a reference to these General Terms and Conditions. The confirmation will contain a summary of the delivery and billing address. The shipment of the goods takes place within the times indicated in the order confirmation. In the case of timed offers (flash-deals), the goods may be sent to the User after the expiry of the same. In the absence of the confirmation email, the purchase cannot be considered validly concluded. In this case, if the amount of the missed purchase should be mistakenly charged to the User, the same will be required to promptly notify Cascina Coppa Vini, by sending an email to info @ , in order to allow Cascina Coppa Vini to verify what happened and, in case, to proceed with the refund of the amount paid.
The accepted payment methods, unless otherwise specified or agreed with the User, are: credit card, prepaid cards, PayPal card, with Cascina Coppa Vini PayPal account .
Unless otherwise specified in the terms of the offer, the amount due will be debited upon confirmation of payment.
In the case of Subscription Service, the User authorizes Cascina Coppa Vini to periodically debit the amount on the credit or prepaid card. In this regard, the User declares and guarantees the availability of the sum necessary for the payment of the consideration.
If the User realizes that he has provided incorrect and / or incomplete information about his personal details or the shipping address of the goods, it is necessary that he communicate it promptly and within the terms of order fulfillment, by sending an email to the address . In all cases, the User is solely responsible for any indication of incorrect and / or incomplete general information or delivery address, with the consequent possibility of losing the sum paid if the goods are delivered to strangers.



Cascina Coppa Vini is very attentive to the safety of its Users. Cascina Coppa Vini does not process and does not store the data of the payment documents (e.g. credit card numbers), which are processed by the relative payment service providers. The actual payment takes place after having transferred the User to a protected and encrypted page of the banking service (PayPal Pro). Only after the transaction has taken place, the banking service provider communicates the outcome of the payment to Cascina Coppa Vini, without providing any information regarding the credit card used . For this reason, Cascina Coppa Vini has no power over any refusal of the credit card used for payment. Cascina Coppa Vini cannot therefore be held responsible in any way for direct or indirect consequences deriving from the use of the credit card by the user to pay for the products and / or services purchased. < br>
Browsing on Cascina Coppa Vini is protected and encrypted with a “128/256-bit Extended Validation SSL” security certificate, issued by Symantec following a precise and constant process of verifying the authenticity of the information. personal data of the company and of the ownership of the domain. It is also possible to verify the authenticity of the certificate and its ownership by clicking in the appropriate protection section of the browser in use, generally next to the address bar, on the title of the page or on the status bar.



Cascina Coppa Vini
may issue discount codes (from now on also “ Coupon “) that the User can use when purchasing products. Coupons are issued in the form of an alphanumeric code and their value (in euros) is determined unquestionably and at its total discretion by Cascina Coppa Vini.
The Coupon can be entered by the User in the appropriate “Coupon” field when entering the order. The coupon thus entered will be automatically deducted, and before payment, from the total amount of the order excluding any shipping costs. Coupons with percentage discount are not applied to products already in promotion. Coupons are generally usable by the user for a limited period of time, after which they will no longer be usable. The Coupon may be subject to a minimum amount of expenditure under which it will not be possible to use it. Unless otherwise specified, the Coupon is personal and linked to the User’s Account and can be used for a single purchase, after which it will be automatically invalidated. Coupons cannot be sold, sold and / or transferred to third parties except with the express authorization of Cascina Coppa Vini .
Cascina Coppa Vini reserves the right to cancel any previously issued Coupon, even before the expiry date, without having to justify the reason and without the right to indemnity or compensation. Cascina Coppa Vini could also issue Coupons in favor of Users who will invite acquaintances, friends and family members to view the offers on the Site and to register on it. To carry out this procedure, the Site provides some features such as “Recommend to a friend”, “Send an offer email”, “Share on Facebook”, “Twitter”, other social networks etc.
For each new guest who purchases an offer within a certain period of time, Cascina Coppa Vini will be able to grant the User a Coupon, of the value determined from time to time at the discretion of Cascina Coppa Vini, to be used on the own Account for a later purchase. Cascina Coppa Vini reserves the right to eliminate coupons issued in favor of users who make improper use of them, without prior notice and without the right to indemnity or compensation.



Cascina Coppa Vini and its possible Partners accept orders with delivery exclusively on the Italian territory, including the islands, with the exception of San Marino, Vatican City, Livigno and Campione d’Italia. The shipment of the goods takes place within the maximum time indicated in the conditions of the offer and, for timed offers (flash-deal), starting from the end of the same and reported in the purchase confirmation. In any case Cascina Coppa Vini , unless otherwise specified on the product sheet, undertakes to deliver the goods within 10 working days from the date of the order. In the unlikely event that the goods become unavailable for any reason after receiving the order, a refund of any payment received will be issued, at no cost to the User. The User can be informed by email when the product is shipped from Cascina Coppa Vini

The User will be notified, if available, the name of the courier and the tracking code of the shipment (Waybill or “Tracking”), through which it will be possible to follow the status. This information, if available, will also be visible in the User Account.
Cascina Coppa Vini cannot guarantee that multiple products purchased at the same time are delivered with a single shipment, nor that any different shipments arrive at their destination at the same time. The offers, in fact, may refer to products supplied by different Partners and / or not come from a single centralized warehouse. It is not possible to guarantee a precise date or time of delivery as this depends on the courier, the destination address and the person in charge of delivery. Cascina Coppa Vini cannot therefore be held responsible for any direct or indirect consequence deriving from these times. The delivery of the order is intended, unless otherwise specified during the purchase process, on the street level.
In the case of shipping bottles, Cascina Coppa Vini uses patented packaging approved by the courier, designed to guarantee the integrity of the product. In any case, upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the user will be required to verify that the packaging is intact, not damaged, or otherwise altered, including in the closing materials (adhesive tape or strapping) or that there are no liquid leaks. Any damage to the packaging and / or to the product must be immediately contested by the User, placing a written reservation of control (and specifying the reason for the reservation, eg “Punched packaging”, “Crushed packaging”, etc.) on the document of courier delivery. Once this document has been signed, the User will no longer be able to make any objection about the characteristics of what has been delivered. Any problems concerning the physical integrity, correspondence or completeness of the products received must be reported within 3 days of delivery, by writing an email to: .
In case of non-delivery of the goods within the indicated times, the User will be required to notify Cascina Coppa Vini , who will check with the courier, the status of the shipment and any anomaly. Following a shipping anomaly (for example a package lost or destroyed during transport), Cascina Coppa Vini will send the product again, compatibly with its availability in stock, without additional costs or increase for the user, or to refund the order in full in case of non-availability.



The User is also aware that the images used on the site can sometimes only be indicative of the product and not always faithfully represent the product delivered. Cascina Coppa Vini will be directly responsible for the conformity of the products under warranty. In case of non-compliant products, the User will contact Cascina Coppa Vini by sending an email to: Cascina Coppa Vini will contact the user and will check the case and, in the event of a defect, collect the product and replace it or proceed with the refund by crediting the title originally used for payment. or upon the issue of a Coupon for an amount equal to the amount of the product purchased. In any case, the legal guarantee is reserved for consumers or subjects who have made a purchase on Cascina Coppa Vini for purposes unrelated to any entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or professional activity carried out.



The User who requests a service for purposes unrelated to his professional activity has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract concluded with Cascina Coppa Vini or with the Partner without any penalty and without having to provide any reasons, within 14 working days pursuant to and for the effects of art. 52 paragraph 1 of the Consumer Code, which run from the day of receipt of the product purchased on Cascina Coppa Vini . The withdrawal may be exercised by the Customer, pursuant to art. 54 paragraph 1 of the Consumer Code, using the withdrawal form referred to in Annex I, part B of the Consumer Code or using the one available at the link: My account or by submitting any other explicit declaration of your decision to withdraw from the contract, to be sent or by letter with return receipt, to Cascina Coppa Vini, Cascina Coppa 34, 15040 Lu Monferrato (AL) or to by email to the address . The a / r letter or email must contain the indication of the product and the order number. The burden of proof and delivery costs relating to the correct exercise of the right of withdrawal, in accordance with the procedure indicated above, is borne by the User .

Following the correct exercise of the withdrawal, unless Cascina Coppa Vininon collects the goods directly, the User will have the burden of returning the goods without undue delay and in any case within 14 days from the date on which the User has communicated to Cascina Coppa Vini its decision to withdraw from the contract pursuant to art. 54, c. 4. The User must visibly apply the document received from Cascina Coppa Vini on the packaging following the aforementioned notice of withdrawal, in which the shipping address and order details necessary to identify the return at destination. The User is advised to insert a copy of this document also inside the packaging, in order to avoid its loss or the impossibility of identifying the return once it has arrived in the warehouse. The relative shipping costs of the goods will be borne by the User, unless Cascina Coppa Vini has not informed him about it at the time of conclusion of the contract, in accordance with art. 57 paragraph 1 of the Consumer Code.

Cascina Coppa Vini reserves the right to verify that the property, for which the User is solely responsible pursuant to art. 57 paragraph 2 of the Consumer Code, is in the same state in which it was delivered or that the product has not been altered in its essential and qualitative characteristics and keeps, as far as possible, its original packaging and label. In the event that this is not available, the User will be required to return the product properly packaged, in order to preserve its integrity. Cascina Coppa Vini may refuse to accept a withdrawal for products that have even been partially consumed. Pursuant to art. 59 of the aforementioned Consumer Code, goods made to measure or personalized or which, by their nature, cannot be returned or are subject to rapid alteration or deterioration are excluded from the possibility of withdrawal.



In any case, it is understood that the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised by the User after the complete supply of the products by Cascina Coppa Vini
if the supply itself began with the express agreement of the User and the latter has accepted to lose the right of withdrawal following the full execution of the service by Cascina Coppa Vini .
In any case, pursuant to art. 59 of the Consumer Code, goods made to measure or personalized or which, by their nature, cannot be returned or are subject to rapid alteration or deterioration are excluded from the possibility of withdrawal.



Any disbursement of sums by way of reimbursement by Cascina Coppa Vini , if due, will take place pursuant to Article 56 paragraph 1 of the Consumer Code as soon as possible, and in any case no later than 14 days from the date on which the event that gave rise to the refund occurred and in case of withdrawal, from the day on which the User became aware of the relative exercise. Cascina Coppa Vini will reimburse using the same payment method used by the User for the initial transaction, unless otherwise expressly agreed with the User and provided that the same does not incur any costs as a consequence of the use of the different means of payment. Cascina Coppa Vini will not be required to reimburse delivery costs if the User has expressly chosen a different and more expensive type of delivery than that offered by Cascina Coppa Vini . It is understood that, with the exception of cases in which Cascina Coppa Vini has decided to collect the goods directly, Cascina Coppa Vini may withhold the refund until it has received the goods. or until the User has demonstrated that he has returned the goods, whichever occurs first.



Cascina Coppa Vini will not be liable for damages that may arise from the use of the Site such as computer viruses, omissions, service interruptions and software failures, even to the detriment of the User’s computer equipment, which prevent or delay the provision of services if these are due to external causes, force majeure and / or third parties not dependent on the will of the owner.
Cascina Coppa Vini will be responsible only for any defects or discrepancies found in the Sale.
In any case Cascina Coppa Vini cannot in any case be held responsible for delays or defects or discrepancies due to events beyond its reasonable control such as, by way of example only: (i) force events greater; (ii) events dependent on the facts of third parties such as the interruption or malfunction of the services of telecommunications operators and / or power lines, or acts or omissions on the part of carriers or shippers.



Cascina Coppa Vini is the owner of all rights relating to the graphic and conceptual content of the Site, as well as the distinctive signs made visible therein. The reproduction, even partial, of the content and graphics of the Site, as well as of the distinctive signs made visible in the same, is therefore prohibited. Cascina Coppa Vini is also the owner of the technological management platform of the Site.



The Site may contain links, in the form of hyperlinks or banners, to external and third-party websites. Cascina Coppa Vini does not exercise any control over said sites and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, nature, quality and completeness of the information contained on third party sites. The content of these sites does not represent products, services or information of Cascina Coppa Vini .



These General Conditions will be governed in every aspect by Italian law. For any dispute concerning the interpretation, execution and / or termination of the contract between the user and Cascina Coppa Vini , the user has the right to carry out the conciliation procedure before the Netcomm Consortium following the following link

The application form must be sent to or by fax to the following number: 02.87181126.
The conciliation procedure before the Netcomm Consortium will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of article 49 paragraph 1 letter V of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n. 206 (Consumer Code). If the conciliation procedure has had a negative outcome, or the user has not completed the conciliation procedure, the Parties may refer to the judicial authorities. To this end, the Parties recognize that the Judge of the place of residence or domicile of the user will be competent, if the same is to be considered a consumer on the basis of the laws in force on the matter. If, on the other hand, the user is a professional, the Court of Alessandria will be competent.